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Cyber Security & Emerging

Cyber Security & Emerging Technologies

Cyber Security encompasses almost all parts of our existence- official, personal, commercial, social et al. The widespread proliferation of advents of information communication technology (ICT) such as social media, e-commerce and e-governance insists that all of us must be able to decipher the domain of cyber security more capably than ever before.  In light covid times there is increased focus on cyber safety. Recognizing the need to strengthen the cyber security ecosystem in India. This training program would spread awareness, build capacity as well as enable government departments on steps that need to be taken to create a Cyber Resilient IT set up in this era of Digital transformation of almost all the sectors.


Objectives of the course

The learners would be able to:

  1. Understand building blocks of Cyber Space and Digital Safety
  2. Identify different  types of Cyber crimes
  3. Take Curative Measures to be Cybersafe in this covid times
  4. Demystify Legal and Regulatory Provisions in India
  5. Provide key  inputs to take informed decision on Cyber security related issues in their respective job function
    1. Number of Days : 5
    2. Target Audience: Senior and Middle Level Officers , Newly Enlisted CISOs , Researchers
    3. Description on Modules

Why is the training unique?

The need for all government employees to be aware about cyber-attacks has become more important in the face of increased of online attacks, digital disruption, proliferation of smart cities and advancements in AI/ML domain. This training would help them to understand cyber vulnerabilities and imbue related solutions – both from an individual as well as organizational perspective. This is an interesting, unique cyber journey that goes modular from step- zero to the current times and prepares learners to be relatively hack free in times to come.


Module 1:  Understanding Building Blocks

    1. Introduction : Defining CyberSpace, Digital Footprints , Cyber Security and Digital Safety
    2. Basic Building Blocks
      1. Relevant Concepts at National Level : Global CyberSecurity Index
      2. Organisations : EndPoint Security, Backdoors, APTs , Zero Day
      3. Individuals : Weaponization of Social Media- Misinformation /Disinformation, Gender Based Crimes, Trolling

Module 2:  Classification of Cyber Crimes

    1. Mapping the CyberCrime Landscape : Threat Actors, Targets, Motives and Vectors (Some Interesting Case-Stories )
    2. Popular Types of CyberCrimes
    3. Newer Cyber threats in Covid Times

Module 3:  Preventative & Curative Measures to be Cybersafe

    1. Protecting Individuals: Ensuring Digital Safety by Practicising CyberHygiene  & Seeking Legal Protection for online abuse/ransomware etc 
    2. Protecting Organisations : Vulnerabilities, Role of CISOs and related tool-kits & Seeking Remedial Action for Organisation Hacks/ Website Defacement

Module 4:  Legal and Regulatory Provisions in India

    1. Legal & Regulatory Provisions in IPC & IT Act by Government of India
    2. Role & Responsibilities of various kinds of Government Organisations
    3. Cyber Security Policy , 2013 : A Critique
    4. Related Legal Concerns : Privacy, IPR, Sovereignty

Module 5:  Crystal Gazing the Emerging Face of CyberCrimes

    1. Emerging Technologies, Industry 4.0 and The Changing Nature of Cyber Crime
    2. Unseen World of Dark Web & Deep Web and its impact on CyberCrimes The Fifth Domain of WarFare : Cyber War , Cyber Disarmament & Cyber Peace Keeping
  1. Pedagogy: The aim is to encourage the process of learning together.
    1. Related Pre-Reads / Pre-Recorded Sessions/ YouTube / TedTalks
    2. Class Presentations and Documentaries followed by Briefing/ Quiz/ De-briefing 
    3. Case-Discussions drawn from industry, startups and governments elsewhere
    4. Visits to related organizations (CERT-In, STPI etc)
    5. Webinars/related events

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