Centre for International Relations

Centre for International Relations

International Relations comprises of a gamut of themes and intertwined contours where –in, the entire gamut of Global happenings with an India centric vision happens to be the order of the day for the Centre at the prestigious premise of my IIPA.  India happens to be the novae nerve centre of International happenstance and development along with the Oriental and Asiatic Pivot of Global geo-politics and geo-economics. The notion of , “ With Great Power comes great responsibility” happens to be the clarion call for New Delhi, where-in, the larger idiom of strategic autonomy, fruitful bilateral trysts in the neighbourhood and the intent to resist the traditional and quintessential regional antagonists such as Pakistan and China amidst a cesspool of dynamic International system, is the Global calling.

The Indian partnership bordering on to pragmatic and symbiotic trysts with the Great Powers such as United States, Soviet Union and China too have been earmarked as the key partnerships to be analysed and zeroed in by the IIPA’s centre. All in all the triumvirate of Trade, Technology and Diplomacy are the cornerstones of the mandate of our fledgling Centre of International Relations at  “MY IIPA”.

The geo economics of global, regional and bilateral trade pacts and treaties are the foundation stones for the uphill task of global cooperation, camaraderie along with the realisation of the grandiose but practical national objective of being a move in the Regime of global trade. Hard power defined by ministry strength and espionage zeal embedded in the matrices of the Digitalia and the cyber work is still the stiff call. Still, it’s all very realistic too. Still, it’s the notion of economic diplomacy and health diplomacy in a Covid infested global ecosystem of States which rules the roost in the contemporary context. Thus, the trail of treaties all the way from the Bretton Woods Institutions to the instruments of trade and pelf through the World Trade Organization and Regimes of the order of CARICOM, MERCOSUR and BRICS, are the new definers of prosperity and peace in the larger international system.

The second appendage is that of technology where-in, the theme and fungibility of trade diffusion along with the attributes of a post industrial society and comity of nations, can be a benchmark for the community of IR scholars and Diplomatists moving askance from the traditional markers of hard power politics and zero sum games in the larger international context. The age of Infotainment and social Media’s expanse and privacy intrusions seem to be the definitional idiom of International Relations too.

The larger Umbrella practice of Diplomacy covering Nuclear negotiations, human rights negotiations, Health confabulations and the aura of Cultural diplomacy, still remains the order of the day. All in all, for New Delhi and any other nation worth its salt the bridge building with the rest of the World premised upon the sacrosanct facet of attainment and fulfilment of National Interest, are the few pointers which found the mandate of the IIPA’s Centre of International Relations. The past events and research of the IR Centre too will find a place of pride amongst the itinerary of the IR Centre.


  1. Publishing a bi annual journal through the auspices of the Centre
  2. Organizing awareness webinars, conferences, training for civil servants and workshops
  3. As part of the larger rubric of the Centre at IIPA, running recommendatory Projects for the Government of the day in the sphere of India’s foreign Policy
  4. Implementing the spirit and times of Mission Karamyogi trough its key attributes for laying stress on a Role Based learning and relegating to the back burner, the ides of rule bases Training. This is the novae theorisation of Best Practices and Good governance in the nation’s civil servants, scholars and students of International Relations