Annual Report

Annual Report

This Report of Indian Institute of Public Administration pertains to the financial year (April-March). The Institute undertakes research studies on substantive and contemporary issues as well as in specific areas as sponsored by the governments, national organisations and international agencies. It also offers advisory services in operational areas to government and public sector enterprises. It conducts a large number of training programmes on various aspects and facets of the study and practice of public administration and management and trains officers and civil society members every year from India and abroad. It also publishes and disseminates literature on public administration through special publications and journals.

The Report presents the activities of the Institute under the following four major heads:

  1. Training
  2. Research Activities
  3. Information Management
  4. Associational and Outreach Activities.

The Report includes information about the:

  1. Institute’s Finances
  2. Academic Events like Seminars, Conferences, Lectures, Visits, Book Releases, etc.
  3. Activity Reports of various Committees and Centres of IIPA
  4. Academic Activities of Faculty
  5. Administrative and Personnel Matters.

IIPA Auditors:  GSA & Associates LLP Chartered Accountants FRN No 00257N/N500339

Annual Report

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  4. Annual Report 2019-20 English/ Hindi/ Brief

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

  1. Proceedings of the AGM of 2021
  2. Proceedings of the AGM of 2020