Centre for Economic Growth and Management Studies

Centre for Economic Growth and Management Studies


Presentations in Seminars/Workshops/Conferences:

  1. 28 March, 2019 at NDTV, New Delhi Studio.  Participated as a panelist on a Live Show at 2030 hrs to discuss the feasibility of ‘Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme’ announced by President of Congress Political party on the same day.
  2. Delivered a talk on Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Practice of Fiscal Federalism in India at Management Development Institute (MDI) to a delegation of senior officers from Nepal.
  3. Panelist to discuss the theme “Has Marginalization become Aspirational?” (Moderated by T.K. Arun, Editor-in-Chief. The Economic Times) in the 56th Summit on ‘The inclusions Manifesto’ at Constitutional Club.
  4. Delivered a talk on ‘Inter-state trade in India and GST’ at the Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies in a programme on Constitutional Law.
  5. Made presentations on ‘Finance Commissions’ as lead speaker in Odisha Development Conclave, organized by Government at Bhubneshwar, CYSD and PRIA.
  6. Made keynote presentations on ‘International Practices on Revenue Assignments, Fiscal Decentralizations and Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers in Federations’ in a workshop organized by Forum of Federations, Canada on ‘Fiscal Federalism: Negotiating Constitutional Arrangements fo Somalia’ to a Federal Negotiation Technical Committee comprising policy makers, academics and members of civil society organizations.
  7. Participated as an expert in the two day conference concluded by the Prime Minister Narender Modi and organized by the GOI and the Government of Madhya Pradesh to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 73rd Amendment Constitutional Amendment Act,. Co-chaired a concurrent session participated by about 200 Sarpanches of Panchayats on the theme, Social Development and Sustainable Development Goals.  Made a presentation in the plenary session chaired by Union Minister for Rural Development Shri Tomar.
  8. Association with other Academic Work: Assisting Director IIPA in editing Nagarlok- A Quarterly journal on Urban Affairs
  9. Reviews of Articles for Indian Journal of Public Administration.
  10. Membership of Commission and Government Committees: Member of an Expert Committee to draft Memorandum of the Union Ministry of Panchayati Raj for the 15th Finance Commission.
  11. Member of a Committee on Public Finance and Government Accounting of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI.
  12. Member-nominated by the Chairman, University Grants Commission-of the Advisory Committee of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ namely, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) and Lyalpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar



  1. Case Studies: Tadipatri Municipality Ananthapuramu, A.P.




Dr. V. N. Alok

  1. Review of a book on Indian Fiscal Federalism by Y.V. Reddy and G. R. Reddy in Nagarlok-A Quarterly Journal on Urban Affairs, Vol L1, Jan-Mar 2019 No. 1
  2. ‘Strengthening of Panchayats through Devolution’ in Kurukshetra-A Journal of Rural Development by the Union Ministry of Rural Development, Vol. 66, No. 9.
  3. ‘Best Practices in Urban Governance: A Case Study of Tadipatri Municipality of Anantapuram District of Andhra Pradesh’ in Nagarlok-A Quarterly Journal of Urban Affairs. Vol. L. Apr-Jun No. 2, 2018.
  4. ‘Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers and Practice of Fiscal Federalism in India’ in Journal of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies, Vol. 51, Nos 1-4, Jan-Dec.

Dr. Roma Debnath

  1. Publications (Papers &Articles): Debnath R. (2018) “Modelling the drivers for sustainable agri-food waste management”, Benchmarking, An International Journal, Vol. 25 Issue:  3, pp. 981.
  2. Details of Other Academic Work Undertaken Outside IIPA:
  3. Invited by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) Ghaziabad to judge the Inter SBU Quality Circle competition, June 20, 2018.
  4. Invited by Department of Operations Research, Delhi University to conduct the Viva Voce examination for M.Phil dissertation on A Study Of Innovation Adoption and Optimal Entry Timing for Multi-Generational Products.
  5. Scientific Social Responsibility of S&T Based Institutions, Organizations and Professional Bodies in India invited by Department of Science and Technology (DST) to participate in the Brainstorming Session at national Level (July 13-14,2018).
  6. Invited by National Productivity Council (NPC) to address the participants on “Productivity &Competitiveness Measurement for Organizational Excellence “in March 2019.

Dr. Pawan Taneja

  1. Papers/Articles: Dogra, N., Kakde, V., & Taneja, P.K. (2019) Decision tool for climate disasters and infectious disease at sub-national level in India: Ensuring a paradigm shift in health planning from prevalence to vulnerability.
  2. Kansal, M., Jain, a., Joshi, M. and Taneja, P.K. “India’s grand experiment in corporate social responsibility is heading for trouble”, the Conversation.
  3. Other Publications: Davidson, D.K., Tanimoto, K., Jun, L.G., Taneja, S. Taneja, P.K. & Yin. J. (2018). Corporate Social Responsibility across Asia: A Review of Four Countries.  In corporate Social Responsibility (pp73-132). Emerald Publishing Ltd.
  4. Paper presented in the Seminars/workshops/Conferences, etc.: Invited as a resource person in “Workshop on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): Basics and Applications, University School of Management, Kurukshetra University.
  5. Invited as a resource person in 5th One-week national Workshop on “Research methodology and Data Analysis” during July 9th to July 15th, 2018 on July 9,2019 at PCJ School of Management, Maharaja Agrasen University, Baddi, India .
  6. Invited as keynote speaker in Symposium on “Ayushman Bharat Central Government’s Flagship Health and Wellness Programme” organized by the Department of Public Administration, Punjab University, Chandigarh on January 18, 2019.
  7. Association with other Forms of Academic Work Within IIPA: Coordinator, Centre for Management Studies, Public Enterprises and Behavioural Studies.
  8. Association with Academic work outside IIPA: (Membership of Committees/Boards etc.)
  9. External Operations Research expert for the 22nd Meeting of Standing Committee for Monitoring of CARS Task Projects “Quantification System for key performance Indicator for Project” Institute of nuclear Medicine &Allied Sciences, Defence R&D Organization, Ministry of Defence, Delhi. December 5, 2018.