theme papers

Theme Papers

Every year, IIPA organizes a Conference for its members usually in the month of October, known as Members’ Annual Conference. The Conference is held on the very next day after the annual meeting of the General Body of IIPA (AGM). The Conference is held on a theme every year. The Research Paper on this theme is authored by a faculty member of IIPA after due Research on the subject. This theme paper is presented by the same faculty in the Conference.

Before the presentation, the Theme Paper is sent to the IIPA branches which hold the prelude conference in their respective centres on this theme. On the Conference day at IIPA, all the reports of the prelude conferences held at the branches are presented by the branch representatives, after the presentation of the paper by IIPA faculty. This is followed by the presentations on this theme by the interested IIPA members, normally in the second half of the day.