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Indian Institute of Public Administration is a society registered under Societies Registration Act 1860.  It has an active membership all over India.  The members of IIPA are the persons active in the field of public administration.  To be a member of IIPA is a prestigious thing and the criteria to grant membership is quite stringent.  Public Representatives, Civil Servants and Academicians, serving or retired who have contributed significantly to the area of public administration and governance are normally granted the membership of IIPA.

The Executive Council of IIPA chaired by the Hon'ble Union Minister of State, DoPT & Chairman, is the Comptent Authorty to grant various types of membership of IIPA. A Screening Committee is constituted for scrutinising the application forms for membership as per the criteia laid down in the Memorandum of Association and Rules of IIPA amended from time to time and recommeding the names to the Executive Council for final approval of the membership. 

One of the main objectives of IIPA is spread and dissemination of the knowledge and practices of public administration.  In furtherence of this objective, IIPA has established its branches across every nook and corner of India.  Some of the earliest branches to be established by IIPA has been Maharashtra Regional Branch at Mumbai, Karnataka Regional Branch at Bangalore, Puducherry Branch etc.  The Institute has 67 Regional / Local Branches in the country for furtherance of the objectives of the Institute and to promote exchange of ideas on current trends and practice in public administration to public servants, academics, students and the IIPA members at the local level.

Life Membership granted w.e.f. 01-01-2021

List of Chairmen and Hony. Secretaries of the Regional and Local branches 

List of Faculty Coordinators

Annual Plan of Action (2022-23)

IIPA through its network of  Regional & Local Branches conducts series of  Webinars/Seminars/Conferences, Research, Publications and Training Programs. In addition to above, efforts shall be made to do the following:

  1. Prelude Confernce on India Emerging as a Global Leader
  2. Workshop on Mission Karmayogi (Competency Building Framework)
  3. District Level Governance: Detailed Study of Evolution of Governance Structure 
  4. Membership Drive in Amrit Kaal
  5. Awareness about SAMBHAV initiative
  6. Faculty Members attached with IIPA Regional/Local Branches and Topics

Regional Branches

IIPA has 25 Regional Branches located mainly at State Capitals. Branch-wise total number of Members are as under: (As on 31-03-2022)

01-Assam (199) 02-Bihar (529)   03-Delhi (1857) 04-Goa (44) 05-Gujarat (136)
06-Haryana (236) 07-Himachal Pradesh (91)   08-Jammu & Kashmir (363) 09-Jharkhand (179) 10-Karnataka (301)
11-Kerala (212) 12-Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh (265)   13-Maharashtra (760) 14-Manipur (60) 15-Meghalaya (79)
16-Mizoram (79) 17-Odisha (240)   18-Punjab & Chandigarh (282) 19-Rajasthan (340) 20-Tamil Nadu (671)
21-Telangana & Andhra Pradesh (527) 22-Uttar Pradesh (802)   23-Uttarakhand (252) 24-West Bengal (341) 25-Puducherry (51)

Local Branches 

IIPA has 42 Local Branches located normally at district headquarters / important cities. Branch-wise total number of Members are as under: (As on 31-03-2022)

01-Agra (34) 02-Aurangabad (57) 03-Bairelly (43) 04-Budaun (103) 05-Burdwan (20) 06-Coimbatore (31)
07-Cuddalore (44) 08-Cuttack (36) 09-Dharwad (25) 10-Dindigul (22) 11-Gulbarga (40) 12-Howrah (20)
13-Indore (40) 14-Jabalpur (62) 15-Jamshedpur (16) 16-Kanpur (72) 17-Karimnagar (29) 18-Madurai (117)
19-Meerut (56) 20-Muzaffarpur (38) 21-Mysore (32) 22-Nagpur (93) 23-Nasik (20) 24-Patiala (37)
25-Patliputra (38)   26-Pune (163) 27-Saidapet (23) 28-Salem (18) 29-Sangali (18)
30-Sirohi (8) 31-Thanjavur (29) 32-Tirucharapalli (25) 33-Tirunlvelli (21) 34-Tirupati (70) 35- Tirupattrur (19)
36-Vadodara (46) 37-Vallabh Vidyanagar (36) 38-Vellore (40) 39-Villupuram (20) 40-Virudhnagar (16) 41-Visakhapatnam (85)
42-Warangal (88) Other States (58) Abroad (119)      




Regional/Local Branches