Centre of Doctoral Research

Centre of Doctoral Research

The Centre for Doctoral Research (CDR) at IIPA undertakes research in the area of Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, Psychology, and Sociology to inform, challenge and develop doctoral education internationally. The institute is recognized by Panjab University as the research centre for Doctoral Research.

The course enables the experienced senior bureaucrats who are working in a range of national and international policy arenas to develop their policy analyses. The exceptional feature of combining an advanced capacity development programme with the thesis based on an original topic makes it unique and distinct from other courses.

The objectives of the course are to

  1. Engage the practitioners with knowledge, awareness and understanding of manifold dimensions of policy,
  2. Broaden the capability to understand the critical aspects faced by the policy makers in the diverse fields,
  3. Provide an academic foundation to commence the specific interest towards the supervised research,
  4. Provide guidance to make an original contribution to the field of designing of the public policy, and
  5. Support in disseminating the research work.

The course is interdisciplinary, just like our faculty, the research scholars can draw on economics, political science, sociology, psychology and public Administration.  Through the theoretical and methodological academic processes, the doctoral researchers learn to produce insights required for effective and equitable public policies.

The doctoral research process involves lectures, workshops, debates, workshops on scientific writing, training in communication of research results and training on digital technologies.

To offer doctoral programme, expertise are drawn within our own institution with our expert faculty.

Approval of Doctoral Centre

Research Experience


  1. Contribution of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Defence Production in India- Status, Challenges and Way Forward 
  2. Exploration of Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) Process for Army Base Workshops
  3. Exploring Potential Sustainable Energy Sources Based Hybrid Power Supply System at High Altitude
  4. Framework & Roadmap towards Establishment of Regional Fisheries Management Organisations in the Northern Indian Ocean Region (Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal)
  5. Critical Assessment of Strategic Partnership Model for Self-Reliance in Defence Manufacturing and Procurement
  6. A Study of Policy and Programmes on Alcohol (Case Study of National Capital Territory of Delhi)
  7. Water Crisis: Issues and Challenges in Punjab
  8. Role of Training in Infection Control Measures for Safety of Health Care Workers during Covid-19 Pandemic – A Retrospective Study in a Mixed Covid Hospital
  9. Relevance of Spiritual Intelligence for the Indian Armed Forces
  10.  Sustainable Tourism in the Indian Himalayan Region - A Case Study of the Union Territory of Ladakh 
  11. Role of Broadband in achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Indian context
  12. The Impact of Rising Pension Budget on Military Modernisation: A Study of Ministry of Defence
  13.  Strategic Cyber Enabled Information Influence Operations (Sceiio) : National Organizational Structures for India
  14. The Dominance of Pakistan Army in Governance of Pakistan and the Impact on Indo-Pak Relations
  15. Multilingualism aspect of National Education Policy 2020: Implementation challenges in schools and way forward to post National Education Policy
  16. China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Implications for India
  17. Revitalizing the Disaster Response Mechanism in Face of Calamity in India
  18. Arthashastra: Assessing the Relevance of Military Strategy of the Ancient Indian Treatise in 21st Century
  19. Government Policy on Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE) in India: A Study
  20. Evaluation of Interface Mechanism Between Defence Equipment Designers, Producers and Users
  21. Defence Expenditure of India: Efficacy and Effect on Economic Growth 
  22. Climate Adaptation Finance - Experiences and Lessons from Multilateral Framework
  23. Violence Against Women: To Increase Awareness about Gender Parity in Middle and Senior School Curriculum
  24. Assessment of existing Know Your Customer (KYC) Norms in Telecom Sector in India and Way Forward
  25. UP Defence Corridor: A Gateway for an Atma Nirbhar Bharat
  26. Right to Services Acts in India : A Case Study of the Implementation of Sakala Services Act of Karnataka
  27. Rationalization of Work Force Deployment in the Indian Police Services (NCT): An Ideal Teeth to Tail Ratio (T3R)
  28. Role of United Nations in Control of Terrorism: A Post 9/11 Assessment
  29.  A New Front Against China Review of Afghanistan Policy of India


  1. Role of Media in Counter Insurgency Operations in Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Fiscal Decentralisation to Rural Local Governments in Himachal Pradesh:  An Assessment
  3. ICT Development Index (IDI) of ITU: Strategy to Improve India’s Ranking
  4. Patterns and Implications of Rural Urban Migration:  A case study of selected villages of Pauri District, Uttarakhand
  5. An Analytical Study of the New Refund Rules of Indian Railways and use of Technology to Integrate it in the System
  6. A Study on Implementation of ‘JAL SHAKTI ABHIYAN’ in Sikar District of Rajasthan
  7. A Review on the Gramin Dak Sewak (GDS) System of India Post: Opportunities and Challenges
  8. Occupational Health Hazards of Rag Pickers in Saharanpur
  9. Turn Around of Delhi government schools: challenges, prospects and way ahead
  10. Need for Water Management in South Asia with Specific Reference to India
  11. Mobile Communications: Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure and Public Safety
  12. Fault Lines in Pakistan and Implications for India
  13. India’s Gold Policy - Critical Analysis of Policy Initiatives undertaken since 2013
  14. Training Needs of Telecom Officers of Department of Telecom in Current Scenario
  15. Make in India: Relevance and Effectiveness in Indian Army 
  16. The Functioning Of Drug De-Addiction Centers Run By Non-   Governmental Organizations In Delhi-NCR Region: A Study
  17. Securing Digital Sovereignty: In Context to Present day Challenges of Cyber Space
  18. Role of Children Films Society, India in Promotion of Children’s films
  19. Air Power in United Nation Peacekeeping Operation: Review of Indian Air force Employment and its Efficacy
  20. Smart “Short Service Commission” Measures for the Armed Forces
  21. Women in the Combat Arms of the Indian Army: A Possibility of their Induction
  22. Radicalization of Youth in Kashmir : Status, Reasons and Process
  23. Efficacy Of The Natural Cure In Vitiligo Management
  24. A Study of Relationship Between Spot And Futures Markets of Selected Commodities in India
  25. Review of Indian Railway Coaching Cost Data for Fixing Track Access Changes for Private Operators
  26. BharatNet: A Study on Socio-Economic Outreach
  27. India’s Response to International Climate Change Negotiations: Copenhagen to Paris, 2009-2015
  28. Impact of Micro Finance: An Evaluation of Mudra Scheme of Government of India in Patna
  29. An Analysis of Diaspora Engagement Status in India
  30. Categorisation of Maintenance Branch Officers in Indian Air Force
  31. Cyberwar: Role of Non-State Actors
  32. Disaster Management and Role of Armed Forces
  33. Role of Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Governance in India
  34. Planning in Gram Panchayats: A study of Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPDP) in Tripura
  35. Challenges and Way Ahead for India in Achieving the Target of Dollar five Trillion Economy by 2024
  36. Forecasting the Consumable Spares in Integrated Materials Management System in Indian Air Force :  Models for Improving the Accuracy
  37. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) – Impact on India and way ahead
  38. Issues of Multi Agency Operations in Disaster Response: A Case Study of Kashmir Floods (2014)
  39. Critical Analysis of New Urea Policy, 2015- Way Forward
  40. Efficacy of Public Toilets in Delhi Cantonment: A Study of their Maintenance
  41. Suicides Among The Central Armed Police Forces Of India: Causes, Interventions For Its Prevention  And Way Forward
  42. A Study on Indigenous Warship Building in the Contemporary Environment
  43. Abrogation of Article 370: A Fair Assessment and the Way Forward
  44. Rising Marital Discord Cases in the Army: Impact and Recommendations for Early Resolution
  45. Availability and Adequacy of Emergency Medical Services in Rural Primary Health Care Units: A Study of the National Capital Region (NCR)
  46. Potential Of India's Northern Rivers For Leveraging Conflict Resolution With Pakistan more...

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