About IIPA Library

The Indian Institute of Public Administration Library, New Delhi, established in March 1955, was formally inaugurated on January 15, 1956 by Shri Govind Ballabh Pant, Minister for Home Affairs, Government of India. The Library is one of the major sources of reference and research material in the field of public administration and allied subjects. It is one of the best in the country on the subject.

The IIPA Library has a collection of over 2.28 lakh volumes of books and periodicals. It receives over 252 current periodicals. The collection of IIPA library is particularly rich in the areas of public administration, management sciences, economics, planning and development, political science, sociology, development studies, history, law, rural, urban and gender studies, defence studies, governance and consumer studies.

The Public Document Section of the Library, which contains Census publications, reports of committees and commissions, National Sample Surveys and Annual Reports of various ministries and departments of the Government of India and international organisations, is acknowledged as one of the richest collections in the country. The library also maintains the press clippings of articles and news items published in various newspapers. Most of the Library functions and services are computerized and the complete catalogue is available online.

Library Collection at a Glance

Books                                                                   126635
Government Publications 56101
APPPA Thesis  1611
Bound Volumes 32093
News Papers 21
CDs/Videos 542
Online Journals 9650
Print Journals 231
World Bank Publications 11966

Library Services

  1. Documentation in Public Administration: A quarterly Indexing and Abstracting Journal.
  2. Book Alert: a monthly list of additions of new books in the Library.
  3. Article Alert: a list of significant articles from various journals received in the Library.
  4. Weekly News Alert: News on particular topics of interest i.e. Public Administration, economics, Education, Finance, International Relations, etc are collected from various newspapers and are compiled in news alert format.
  5. Current Contents on weekly basis
  6. Bibliography service on request from the user.
  7. Photocopying service

Members of the Institute;

  1. Director, Faculty, Staff, and Project staff of the Institute;
  2. Participants in the training courses and other programmes organised by the Institute and;
  3. Persons engaged in the study and research of public administration and allied disciplines may with the approval of the Librarian be enrolled as casual members on payment of a fee at the rate of Rs.10/- per day;
  4. EC Members and office bearers of the Executive-Council including Editors of the IIPA Journal;


  1. EC Members are entitled to borrow two books as life members of the IIPA depositing library security of Rs. 500/- per book or Rs. 1000/- for two books. However in addition they may borrow three more books by depositing library security of Rs. 500/- per book or Rs. 1500/- for three books.
  2. The office bears of the Executive Council and Editors of IIPA Journals are entitled to borrow 15 books.
  3. Corporate and life members of the Institute desiring to avail borrowing facility may be required deposit a library security of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- for borrowing one and two books respectively which will be refunded without any interest on termination of membership. They will be entitled to borrow two books at a time.
  4. Associate and student members of the Institute can avail of borrowing facility on depositing library security of Rs.500/- which will be refunded without any interest on termination of membership. They will be entitled to borrow one book at a time:
  5. Participants in the Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA) are entitled to borrow Ten (10) books at a time. This facility is available to them only during the course of the Programme;
  6. Participants in the training programmes other than the APPPA are entitled to borrow two books at a time. This facility is available to them only during the course of their training programmes:
  7. Director, Members of the Faculty, Registrar, Librarian, Joint Editor, Deputy Librarian, Deputy Registrars, Assistant Librarians and Assistant Registrars are entitled to borrow 15 books at a time. Members of the Faculty can borrow five more books to meet their requirements for projects undertaken by them.
  8. Research Associates/Officers, Professional assistants, UGC and ICSSR Fellows attached to the Institute are entitled to borrow five books at a time; and
  9. All other staff members and Research Assistants in various projects of the Institute can borrow two books at a time.
  10. Casual members are not entitled to borrow any books.
  11. Books will be issued to the members only. These will neither be sent by post nor issued to the nominees of the members.
  12. Books are issued for a period of Thirty days. These will not be reissued provided there is no demand by any other member of these books.
  13. A fine of Rs.1/- per day will be charged for delay in return of a book beyond the due date.
  14. The Library security will stand forfeited if a book is not returned within two months of the due date.
  15. Reference books, World Bank publications, rare and out-of-print books and periodicals shall not ordinarily be issued. These can be consulted within the Library only. Books designated for restricted circulation are issued only to the members of the Faculty for overnight or week-end use. 


  1. Loss of book(s) should be immediately reported to the Librarian. The member shall either replace the Book(s) or pay an amount indicated below:
  2. Cost of the book plus 25% processing charge if it is in print.
  3. Cost of the latest edition of the book plus 25% processing charge if the edition which was borrowed is no more in print.
  4. In respect of foreign publications, current conversion rate will be taken into account while computing the cost in terms of Indian Rupee.
  5. In respect of un-priced and out-of-print books, the cost will be decided by the Librarian with the approval of the Director.   

The loss of Library ticket should be reported to the Librarian in writing.

  1. A duplicate ticket can be issued on payment of Rs.60/-.
  2. Due care will be taken by the Library to prevent misuse of the lost library tickets.
  3. However, the member will continue to be responsible for any loss due to the misuse of the ticket he/she has lost.


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