Training Course

Agriculture And Rural Development

Agriculture and Rural Development

The Programme

Sponsored by the Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Government of India, this proposed one week In-Service Training Programme on Agriculture and Rural Development is the First of its kind, designed for Officers of All India Service (lAS, IPS & IFoS), officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme, officers of Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and officers of Central Secretariat Stenographer Service (CSSS) (DS/Sr. PPS and above level).

Agriculture and Rural Development is the life blood of Indian economy. India is a net food exporting country after feeding 1.35 billion people, yet farmers income levels have not increased as expected. Clearly, something is missing in our agriculture. We need to deepen the understanding of what is missing and what  would take our agriculture to new heights. Importance of agriculture is to be viewed not from the perspective of just food security but it goes far beyond this. Inadequate supplies of key staple food items has the ramification on National sovereignty.




The aim of the programme is to enable the participants to develop a broad-perspective and synergy to contribute towards Agriculture and Rural Development sectors. It seeks to inculcate a mind-set that enhances efficiency, service orientation towards Farmers Welfare and ways to strengthen rural economy.


The main objective of the programme is to enable the Officers to enhance their management skills and capabilities for Service delivery system. This will contribute to their effectiveness at work in social sectors like agriculture, Rural Development. It seeks to enable the Officers to:

  1. Develop their views on issues of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in India;
  2. Analyse the factors that impact application of policies and modalities there on;
  3. Apply analytical skills in decision-making;
  4. Design a framework for good governance in rural India; and
  5. Develop interpersonal skills and sensitivity towards the needs of the people.


The programme is uniquely designed in blended form (digital platform and face to face, if situation permits) to help Officers prepare for the challenges and opportunities as they move up the ladder. Upon successful completion of this course, it is expected that the Participants will be endowed with creative thinking to produce innovative solutions to problems, and turnout to be more responsible and effective administrators. They would be more creative, professional and move away from the culture of working in silos.


Programme Details

There will be a total of 16 sessions of 70 minutes duration each, spread over each for five days, as outlined in the following table.



Inaugural Session including Briefing about IST Programme

  1. An Aerial view of Indian Agriculture
  2. Overarching Contours of Agriculture



  1. Agriculture Marketing Reforms
  2. Risk Management in Agriculture



  1. Agriculture Pricing Policy
  2. Fertiliser Policy and DBT



  1. Agriculture Insurance
  2. Transformation of Agriculture



Field visit to important organization or public sector body for greater exposure to the government policy implementation




  1. WTO and Agriculture
  2. Sustainability Concerns in Agriculture



  1. Doubling of Farmers’ Income 
  2. Agi-Value Chain /Agri Tech



  1. India in a Multipolar World
  2. Strategy for Rural Development



  1. Rural Urban Dichotomy in India
  2. Rural-urban Nexus: Continuity and Change

Feedback Session, Conclusion, Award of Certificates and Valediction

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