Training Course

PPP & Negotiating Strategies

Thematic focus

The need to use PPP for urban development to meet the massive requirements of funds, management skills and equity is duly recognized by government of India, states and Urban Local Bodies in their policies and programmes. Smart City Mission for example has an ambitious plan to implement projects with seven time higher investment than the budgetary allocation. Accordingly PPP is an integral part of urban sector projects. Cities across the country are witnessing a typology of PPP projects. These are also undergoing a negotiating process and other initiatives to identify, select and create partners in a systematic manner.

Mega and Metro cities have taken a lead to accelerate investment in the urban development in line with a tripartite consensus between Government of India, states and ULBs. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Indore etc. are paving way for wider replication and adaptation of PPP projects. A range of strategies, documents, Model bidding documents, evaluation frame-work, Model contracts, procurement process, risk assessment and layering, development of MOUs, Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are emerging for different types of projects. These are particularly important in the rapid pace of urbanization, need for balanced growth with correction in concentration of urban population and recovery of economy during COVID-19 pandemic.

In view of vast requirements of funds in the sector, the negotiating skills are critical to a cross section of public sector functionaries. It in this context that IIPA proposes to design, develop and deliver a five day course for officers from All India Services and Central Services.




  1. Identify role and scope of PPP in the urban development in India with a particular reference to municipal infrastructure and services.
  2. Analyse typology and incidence of PPP in the delivery of municipal services and infrastructure among cities for towns in India.
  3. Assess municipal capacities and gaps in the negotiating skills particularly with regard to selection of partner, risk assessment and mitigation, financial viability and structuring of projects and equity.
  4. Examine procurement and contract processes, monitoring & evaluation of PPP projects.
  5. Identify a generic agenda on PPP negotiating skills for the urban development in India.

Two sets of Suitable Dates -

November 22-26, 2021 and January 17-21, 2022

CVs of Faculty members who will impart Training

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CV of Course coordinator

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How will the training be relevant to Government servants and help them to discharge their duties more effectively

Officers from All India and central services are involved at intergovernmental level in the process of private sector engagement for urban development. The programme will provide exposure on modalities to design, develop implement PPP projects in the area of urban development. These officers are deployed with a cross section of agencies and institutions at state, regional and municipal and para-municipal (development Authorities etc.) level.

The course would provide insights into scope, strategy and follow up/feedback PPP Projects in India. The course will include competency gap and measures emerging for suitable application at grass root level.

Specific Skills proposed to be instilled in the participants with regard to governance, administrative and technical skills

The course will provide skills and process on identification of gap in infrastructure, stakeholder mapping, designing of PPP strategy, identification and selection of partners, risk analysis and mitigation, role of regulators. The course will bring together experience from different parts of the country and elsewhere. Specific case studies shall be shared along with field visits to share the skills deployed therein.

Draft Programme Design, Content, Pedagogy and draft time table starting on Monday and closing on Friday



Day 1

Session 1

Registration & Introduction: course objectives & Expectations

Session 2 & 3

Urbanization process & Implications and Incidence & Typology of PPP in Urban Development: An Overview

Session 4

Stakeholder mapping and potential analysis and assignment of group work (main exercise)

Day 2

Session 1 & 2

Municipal preparedness for PPP-Project design, risk layering, financial structuring, Procurement Procedure and Contract Management (Panel discussion)

Session 3     

PPP- Municipal Financial and Fiscal Reforms-Select Case Studies                                

Session 4

Exercise: checklist on Municipal Preparedness for PPP

Day 3

Session 1     

PPP in Urban water supply - case study

Session 2     

PPP in sanitation (sewage/drainage)

Session 3 & 4

Visit to water or sanitation PPP projects in Delhi. (Sonia Vihar WTP)

Day 4

Session 1

PPP Municipal Roads and Street lighting

Session 2

PPP in Smart Cities – Case Studies

Session 3 & 4

Visit to NDMC for Smart City/Smart Urban Projects

Day 5

Session 1

PPP Swatch Bharat Mission - some urban innovations

Session 2

Group work

Session 3

Presentation of Group-work

Session 4



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