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Budaun Local Branch was established in 1984. The branch is actively involved in Seminar, conferences, Lectures, training programme, panel discussion, group discussion and workshop. The branch has 103 members.

Year Of Establishment-1984

Number of Members-103



  1. Training for the herbal crops at Village Bura Bhadrol Block Qadar Chowk (May 2020)
  2. Training for organic fertilizer at Village Butla Daulatpur Block Ujhani (Feb.2021)


  1. Workshop for “Women empowerment” (March 8, 2021)
  2. Distribution of grocery products for the needy poor people (May & June 2020)


  1. Virtual Lectures/Meetings on “Awakening the people against COVID-19 epidemic (July, Aug, Sept. 2020)


  1. Rural self employment training at village Marori (Nov.10, 2018)
  2. Seminar and training workshop on Yoga & Meditation under the Health Mission Project Bharat Art of Living Budaun Unit (Jan.22, 2019)
  3. Discussion on the Adverse effects of Social Media upon Society and also training of framing of preventive activities through education Institute.( Nov.22, 2018)
  4. Training of Farmers for Herbal Agriculture with the help of Punjab National Bank self employment and training scheme in village Marauri (Dec.02, 2018)
  5. Training of Local Youth to create ability of preparing Chaivan Pras and other Health Product at Lower Cost (March 12, 2019)


  1. Prelude Seminar on “Demonetization and its Impact”.  (Oct.7, 2017)
  2. Workshop on Swachh Bharat Mission in the Mangla Devi Vidya Mandir Marauri. (Dec.9, 2017)
  3. Discussion on the Maintain the Social Discipline focusing the alarming tendencies of the young Generation. (Mar. 15, 2018)
  4. Training of Teachers on Fundamentals of Basic Education.  (Sept. 3-5, 2017)
  5. Teaching of the Basic Level Students through Sundarkand of Ram Charitra Manas. (Mar. 18-25.2018)


  1. Seminar on Election. (Oct. 12, 2016)
  2. Meeting on the village Awareness Development Programme through Educational Institutes. (May 6, 2016)
  3. “Role of the Rural Development through Educational Institutes” which are working in villages. (July 2, 2016)
  4. Discussion regarding the strengthening of the IIPA Budaun Local Branch. (July 13, 2016)
  5. Discussion the various issues relating with the Women Empowerment of the women in villages & Protection of Human Rights. (Nov. 11, 2016)
  6. Branch Celebrated the National Human Rights Day. (Dec. 10, 2016)


  1. Seminar on the Problems of the villages & also their solutions (May 04, 2015)
  2. Adoption of 2 to 3 villages in the nearly villages with convenorship of Shri Gaurav Saxena ( May 09, 2015)
  3. Meeting was held at villages Sikrapur Village, (15 Jul., 2015)
  4. Independence Day celebration & awarding prizes for the social and cultural activities. (11 Aug. 2015)
  5. Independence Day celebration & lecture delivered on Swatch Bharat and Stressed on the quality education. (15 Aug. 2015)
  6. Meeting was organized at the Sikrapur Village for establishing the Community. (29 Nov, 2015)
  7. Human Rights Day was arranged at the M.G. (P.G.) College Sambhal. (10 Dec. 2015)
  8. The Branch organized the Village Development Programme at the Ikram Nagar Village. (24 Dec. 2015)
  9. The Branch organized P.M. Modi’s Agendafor Good Governance and Organizing Social and Cultural and economic life by Skill Development Programme. (21 Jan., 2016)
  10. The Branch Celebrated the Republic Day in the 2 Colleges of Murari and Usawan and Motivated the teachers and students for hard labour and moral and ethical values in our general behaviors. (26 Jan. 2016)


  1. Village Development programme by informing the Local Villages through Training & Motivation Activates at Barkhera Village, Binawar Block.  (9 April 2014)
  2. Rural Development & the Contriprution of the office bearers of the Local Branches at the Shekhupur Sugar Factory School. (8 Feb. 2015)
  3. Problems of the Sarvasiksha Abhiyan in Rural areas and Village Development, Abdullahganj, Block Ujhani. ( 11 April 2014)
  4. Gram Pradhan-Training Programmes & Village Development at the Abdullahganj, Block Ujhani. (22 April 2014)
  5. People’s Participation in the Village Panchayat at the Rooppura Village. (5 Sept. 2014)
  6. Changing the Old mind set of the Villages for the Successful Functioning of the Panchayats. (21 Dec. 2014)
  7. Discussion Meeting on the problems of the Need of skill Development. (21 March 2015)
  8. Sanitation & Health care role of Yoga at the Jwala Prasad Jain School Bilsi.
  9. Rural self-employment Training Programme at the PNB Training Centre, Budaun. (9 Jan. 2015)
  10. Need of Ethical Volumes in Village Community though organizing the re-orientation courses in the Basic Schools at the Samespur Bhoor, Sahaswan. (5 Aug. 2014)
  11. Organizing result oriented Programmes at the Raj Mahal Garden.( 8 Feb. 2015)




Shri Ram Prakash Ahuja from 2018

Hony Secretary
Shri Ram Veer Singh from 2017

Address for Communication
IIPA Budaun Local Branch
Madhuvan Colony Budaun
Vill. Marauri Post Alapur Distt
Budaun-243601 (U.P.)

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