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The U.P. Regional Branch of IIPA came into existence in the year 1960, as according to a letter sent to the Head Office on 7th of November1959, by the then Honorary Secretary, Shri M. Zaheer, stated that in an executive meeting it was decided to convert the Lucknow Local Branch to a Regional Branch. At that time, the Lucknow Local Branch had 62 Life Members, 1 Associate Member and 11 Corporate Members. The Regional Branch thus commenced with Shri Govind Narain as its Chairman and Shri M. Zaheer as its Honorary Secretary. In 1984, Shri T.N. Dhar, Chairman Banking Services Recruitment Board, took over the IIPA U.P. Regional Branch as Honorary Secretary.  At that time, Sri J.D. Shukla was the Chairperson. Sri T.N. Dhar continued as Honorary Secretary, till his sad demise in 2018. After his death, Sri Vidya Nand Garg was elected as the Honorary Secretary. In the meantime, Chief Secretaries of Uttar Pradesh were Chairmen of the Branch by virtue of their post till 2008. However, since then, Shri R. Ramani, who was Chief Secretary in 2008, continues as Chairman to this day. The Branch office is located in the central place of the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, in the Government building, Jawahar Bhawan. It has good infrastructure with wi-fi connection, seminar Hall, library and 6 rooms. It also has its own website. The branch has 700 members. Three of its senior members, Sri T.N. Dhar, Sri R.C. Tripathi and Sri I.C. Dwivedi have won the prestigious Paul Appleby Award. A wide range of activities are organized by IIPA Regional Branch, UP, and the significant ones are as follows-:

  1. Research studies pertaining to the various sectorsare also undertaken and their reports are published in book form. In this context IIPA publications- Prosperity and Land (Agriculture Sector), Every Drop to drink, (Water Scarcity), Do or die (Power sector), Greening Imperatives (Forest Department) were widely appreciated and the findings accepted by concerned Departments. Besides researches are also conducted on the burning topics of public administration.
  2. Regional branch of IIPA brings out Quarterly Newsletter “Dynamic Administration”, since 1980, which is circulated to members and those interested in the issues of public administration.
  3.  3 to 4 workshops are conducted annually, on various topics related to planning and development, changing trends of public administration, environmental up gradation, education, housing and food problems, organization and infrastructure development. And other pertinent topicsare being organized. Workshop documents are prepared and after the workshop are over; proceedings are circulated to participants and members. Some of the articles and proceedings are published in book form and widely circulated. These workshops are extremely useful and informative. These were well attended by subject matter specialists, academicians, representatives from State Government Departments and members.
  4. Since 2004-05, IIPA UP Reg. Branch has been bringing out Annual Economy Monitor of U.P., which continued until the financial year 2015-16.  The monitor was a periodic evaluative and suggestive compendium of economic and social development. In UP in the various sectors. It was ready to hand, brief but comprehensive document providing information about status, trends and gaps in the growth process. The Annual Economy Monitor was highly appreciated by policy planners, administrators, programme implementers and researchers.
  5. From 2019, the branch has started Annual Essay Competition, for students of classes 9-12, to sensitize them on issues of public administration. This activity has met with tremendous success. The essays could be written in English and Hindi and on the whole, 6 prizes are given to the winners.
  6. The Branch has also started conducting online meetings, discussions and its members are attending Webinars of the head office during the corona era.

Year Of Establishment-1958

Number of Members-802




  1. Webinar on “Traffic Management and Road Safety in Uttar Pradesh” (April.2, 2022)
  2. Good Governance (wither are we bound?) (May 11, 2022)


Seminars/Conferences/Workshops conducted

  1. Webinar on “Namani Gange” (Nov.24, 2021)


  1. Meeting was held by the Chairman with Head Office, online to discuss on the activities that are and wil be conducted by UP Branch (Oct.31, 2021)
  2. Online meeting of Executive an Annual General Meeting (March 14, 2022)
  3. A questionnaire sent by Dr. Sujata Singh on Political Science and Public Administration was discussed and decision was taking to work on its issues (Aug.08, 2021)



  1. Discussion on preparing the History of the Branch (Feb.15, 2021)
  2. Online meeting with IIPA Head Office to discuss the activities about the UP Branch (Jan.31, 2021)
  3. Executive and Annual General Meeting (online) (March 23, 2021)


  1. Workshop on “Quality of Education with Reference to Draft National Education Policy 2019” (July (27, 2019)
  2. Office Management for the Employees (June 24-25, 2019)
  3. Pilot Case Study of the Auto Rickshaw Sector in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
  4. Publication of Quarterly Newsletter, “Dynamic Administration” from April to July, 2019 and from August to November, 2019
  5. Publication of the Book “New Dimensions in Public Administration” which includes papers presented in Workshops conducted in the year 2018-2019.
  6. Meeting with Dr. Nand Lal Bharati, Head, Department of Public Administration, by Sri Vidya Nand Garg, Honorary Secretary, IIPA, UP Regional Branch, on the 7th of March, 2018, resulted in the two institutions collaborating to conduct the Prize and Certificate Distribution Ceremony of the Annual Essay competition, which was organized for students of class 9-12. Prize distribution took place in the Department of Public Administration, Lucknow University, on 12th September, 2019. Faculties of the University as well as the members of IIPA Lucknow, enthusiastically participated in the event.
  7.  IIPA, UP Regional Branch successfully started its Website from 27th July, 2019. Its address is
  8. A visit was made to the Smart City Office from where a resource person was invited for giving a talk on Smart City and Traffic Management, For the Workshop on road Congestion and Traffic Management.
  9. A meeting was held with Director, Secretariat Training, regarding collaboration with IIPA, on January 8th, 2020.


  1. Environment Friendly Sustainable Urban Development (June 06, 2018)
  2. Role of Digital Technologies in Governance (Dec. 15, 2018)
  3. Strengthening Public Institutions for Better Governance (March 02, 2019)
  4. Brainstorming Session on Issues in MSME.   (Jan. 29, 2019)
  5. Second Session on “Issues in MSME” (Jan. 31, 2019)
  6. Publication of Quarterly Newsletter Dynamic Administration – Oct. to Dec. 2018
  7. Meeting with D.G. U.P. Academy of Administration and Management, regarding collaboration with IIPA on 27.12.2018.
  8. Meeting with Director Manavodaya Sri Varun Vidyarthi in his office at IIM Road on 23.02.2019.
  9. Meeting with Dr. Nand Lal Bharti, Head, Department of Public Administration, Lucknow University and other faculty on 07.3.2019.


  1. Culture and Modernity. (July 15, 2017)
  2. Prelude Seminar on “Demonetization and Its Impact”. (Dec. 2, 2017)
  3. Discussion with GIRI institute of Development Studies.   (July 12, 2017)
  4. Discussion with U.P.’s Govt. Planning Dept. on U.P.’s Planning Strategy. (Nov. 9, 2017)
  5. Ethical Governance, Development and Environmental Sustainability.  (Book Publication)
  6. Quarterly News letter (Dynamic Administration) Four Issues in 2017-18.



Other Activities

  1. Two employees of IIPA UP Regional Branch attended a training programme conducte by the Secretariat Training Institute, UP.
  2. Annual Essay Competition, 2021 – An Essay Competition was held for classes 9 to 12.  The topics of the essays were; (1) Sustainable Economy in Pandemic: Aatmanirbhar Bharat
  3. Our Nation, One Ration Card Scheme: PDS Reforms


  1. Publication of Quarterly Newsletter, “Dynamic Administration” from Sept 2020 to April 2021.
  2. Publication of Quarterly Newsletter “Dynamic Administration” from May 2021 to Dec. 2021.
  3. Publication of Quarterly Newsletter, “Dynamic Administration” from December 2020 to August 2021.
  4. The History of IIPA, U.P.was written to be included in the website of the Head Office.
  5. Shri R.C. Tripathi’s book titled “India; Heritage Culture Policy (Selected Essays and Speeches)” reflects upon how Indian history, ancient culture and heritage are handed down to posterity and what could be done to presereve a culture.  It also describes the strengths and weakness of public administration and how to improve it.
  6. Shri Sudhan Chandra Chandola’s book titled “Combating Everlasting Tragedy – United Nations of India subcontinent” describes how continents in Asia spend exorbitantly protecting themselves from their neighbours rather than investing the amount on Education and Health of their citizens.  The authors recommend the Nations in Asia to adopt a win-win situation like the European Union.

Other Activities

  1. Annual Essay Competition, 2020 – An Essay Competition was held for classes 9 to 12.  The topics of the essays were; (1) COVID and Public Health Syste; and (2) Migration and Job Creation.


Shri R. Ramani
Phone: 0522-2286661

Shri Vidya Nand Garg
Phone: 0522-2286661

Address for Communication
IIPA Uttar Pradesh Regional Branch
C-30, Avas Vikas Colony, Mall Avenue
Lucknow-226001 (U.P.)

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