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Madurai Local Branch was established in 1983. The branch is actively involved in Prelude Conference, Special Lecture, Discussion, Symposium, Medical Health Camp and Family Get Together Meeting. The branch has 115 members.

Year Of Establishment-1983

Number of Members-115




Prelude Seminar on ‘Indian Emerging as a Global Leader’ (Sept.27, 2022)



  1. Prelude Conference on “Management of Pandemics” through virtual mode. (Oct 29, 2020)


  1. Get-together meeting on “Impact of Union Budget 2021” and “Love – a Tonic for Life” (Feb.14, 2021).
  2. Get-togeter Meeting of All Branches of IIPA in Tamilnadu on “Present Status of IIPA HQ Delhi and All Branches in India” (March 28, 2021)


  1. Workshop on Personality Development (Aug.07, 2018)
  2. Prelude Conference on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Sept. 29, 2018)
  3. Workshop/Seminar on “Right and Responsibilities of Teachers” (Jan. 11, 2019)
  4. Lecture Meeting on “interim Budget 2019 – Fiscal and Tax Impact” (Feb.22, 2019)
  5. Family Get Together Meeting of Members of IIPA, Madurai Local Branch (Dec.16, 2018)


  1. Prelude Conference on “Demonetization and its Impact.” (Sept. 23, 2017)


  1. Prelude Seminar on “Strengthening of Ethical and Moral Values in Governance” (15 Oct., 2016)
  2. Shri Venkidusamy, was nominated by the Chairman to attend the Office Bearers Meeting held at IIPA New Delhi along with the Secretary of the Branch and attended the Meeting (21 Oct., 2016)


  1. Prelude Seminar on “Higher Education at Cross Roads” (22 Aug. 2015)
  2. Medical Health Camp at Thirumangalam was organized by the Branch with M/s Raja Siddha Marundhagam and Surabhi Trust (16 April 2015)


  1. Conference on “Trends in Centre-State Relations”. (20 September 2014)
  2. Symposium on “Pre Budget (Union) Thoughts” (22 January 2015)
  3. Discussion on “Environment Problems in Madurai” (5 June 2014)
  4. Lecture on “Administration” was delivered by Mr. S. Ramanathan, Chaiman, IIPA Karnataka Regional Branch.
  5. “Consumer Protection” Lecture by M. S. Tamizharasan. (24 March 2015)


  1. Prelude conference on Food Security in India in collaboration with Madurai Productivity Council and Madurai Institute of Social Sciences. (28 Sept, 2013)
  2. Lecture meeting on role of Public in Protecting Women delivered by Sri. V. Balakrishnan, Superintend of Police. (29 April, 2013)
  3. Meeting on Foreign Direct Investment- What it means to public along with Rotary Club of Madurai South. (29 May, 2013)
  4. Executive Committee meeting. (7 June, 2013)
  5. Lecture meet on How to prevent Heart Diseases in collaboration with Aditya Medical Trust, Thirumangalam. (29 Aug, 2013)
  6. AGM at Madurai Institute of Social Sciences. (29 Oct, 2013)
  7. Discussion on Crisis of the Indian Economy jointly with The American College, Madurai.
  8. Executive Committee meeting. (6 March, 2014)
  9. Lecture meeting on Food Safety in collaboration with ICSI and ICAI delivered by Dr. J.Suguna M.B.B.S., CYTN.


  1. Right to Information Act and Laws relating to Senior Citizens and Domestic Violence Act. (27 Jan. 2013)


  1. Prelude Conference “Role of Panchayat Bodies in Rural Development since 1959”. (15 Oct. 2011)
  2. Special Lecture by Prof. N.P. Singh. (7 Jan. 2012)
  3. Special Lecture by Shri S. Ramanathan. (23 Jan. 2012)


  1. Prelude Conference on `Reservation of Inclusive Growth’. (20 Oct. 2010)
  2. How to Rout out Corruption. (2 Dec. 2010)
  3. How to improve civic amenities in Madurai. (15 May, 2010)





Shri C.R. Patel from 2019

Hony Secretary
Shri K. Baskaran from 2014

Address for Communication
IIPA Madurai Local Branch
Plot No. 32 Ramalinga Nagar Park Town
2nd Street (Extn.) Thapal Thanthi Nagar

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