Centre for e-Governance

Centre for e-Governance

The Centre was established on July 2019 and the mandate of the Centre is to work for the automation/administration of the office, e-office, IT related activities, IIPA publications and activities of the Computer Centre. The Centre is involved in the implementation of e-office programme in IIPA and process management in this regard. The e-office programme will be implemented in all the sections of the institute and the work process with files, noting, enclosures etc. will be fully automated and will be made paperless. The Centre will also work for the development of the standards and quality of the publications of IIPA. National Knowledge Network (NKN) is established with speed of 100 mbps. The Centre was instrumental in the establishment of seven VC and Digital Classrooms for online training by faculty of IIPA during the Covid 19 pandemic period and subscription to CISCO Webex platform for online interactive lectures. IIPA launched its new web-portal which is more comprehensive, dynamic and having interactive features and the Centre played a major role in the development of the new web-portal of IIPA.

District Development Governance Index(DDGI) - Uttar Pradesh

UP DGGI is only specific to Uttar Pradesh as it has its own indicators that are unique to UP which are different from DGGI J&K. Two sets of DGGI for UP will be made. DGGI mainly consistS of GGI national Indicators and UP-DGGI consists of National and UP specific indicators. Uttar Pradesh-Information About State - Click for Detailed Report...

Civil Services Mentoring (CSM)

 Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity. In a time of constant distrust building trust , doing what needs to be done than doing what one is capable of doing is all about roles leaders play

Civil Services Examination (CSE), conducted by UPSC every year, is a nationwide competitive examination and is one of the most ‘sought after’ examinations for recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India.  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel referred to civil servants as the 'steel frame of India' while addressing the probationers of Administrative Services Officers in 1947 at Metcalf House, Delhi. Hon’ble PM Modi ji said on 28 October, 2017, ‘You are a member of service and not a mere job seeker’. Hon’ble PM also observed at Kevadia in 2019, ‘We need a bureaucracy that is creative & constructive, imaginative & innovative, proactive and polite, professional and progressive, energetic and enabling, efficient and effective, transparent and tech enabled.’ A Civil Servant has the honour and dignity of being a servant of the Indian people, not any individual master.more...



Centre for e-Governance was established in the F.Y 2018-19. The goals and objectives of the proposed Centre of e-Governance:

  1. To conduct research on digital government, e-governance and knowledge societies themes.
  2. To achieve global benchmarking with emphasis on promoting open content, proven technology and best practices through research and documentation, capacity building, knowledge sharing etc.
  3. To capture formative and sustainable practices in digital government and knowledge societies design and implementation.
  4. To promote awareness of security issues in digital government and knowledge societies.
  5. To provide internships and collaboration opportunities for the students in the domain.
  6. To conduct seminars, brain storming workshops, symposiums and conferences for the promotion of the knowledge of digital government and common platform for exchange of ideas and thoughts.
  7. To Collaborate with foreign institutions and experts working in the domain of e-government, public policy, governance, development issues etc.

The activities of the Centre is as below:

  1. With support from key players of e-Governance ecosystem of India, the Centre has successfully designed and conducted MeitY sponsored ‘Training of Trainer’ project for 9 partner states of India ( 2013 onwards).
  2. The centre has conducted “ ICT for Women” event along with JNU . The policy formulation event was sponsored by National Commission of Women (NCW) .
  3. It has also conducted NeGD sponsored technical trainings including e-Governance Project Life Cycle (eGLC), Government Process ReEngineering (GPR), Request for Proposal (RFP), Detailed Project Report (DPR), Change Management.
  4. It has supported the conduct of Annual Smart Republic Event that focuses on SmartCities (2015 onwards) and global cybersecurity workshops (2015 onwards) and so on.
  5. It has designed with IIT-Delhi activities around Smart Villages (2016 onwards.
  6. It has conducted NeGD sponsored skill based cybersecurity trainings for chief information security officers (CISO) (2018 onwards).