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Punjab & Chandigarh

Punjab &Chandigarh Regional Branch

Punjab & Chandigarh

Punjab and Chandigarh Regional Branch was established in 1965. The branch is actively involved in seminars, Conferences and Lectures. The branch has 272 members.

Year Of Establishment-1965

Number of Members-272




  1. Regional Conference on the Theme Paper of Members’ 2017 Annual Conference of IIPA titled “Demonetization and its Impact” Speakers Professor Upinder Sawhney, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Punjab University, Chandigarh.  (Sept. 29, 2017)


  1. Seminar on Higher Education at Crossroads. ( Oct. 07, 2015)
  2. Ethics for Civil Servants by Dr. B.P. Mathur former Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General of India and Director, NIFM. (Jul. 24, 2015)
  3.  Purpose of Punishment : Retributive to Restorative Justice by Dr. Divya Sharma Associate Professor , Justice and Law Administration, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT, USA. (Aug. 18, 2015)
  4. RTI Act: The Punjab Experience by Dr. S.S. Channy, IAS (Retd.)  (Sept.18, 2015)
  5. Ethical and Affordable Healthcare in India by Convener Society for Promotion of Ethical & Affordable Healthcare.  (Mar. 18, 2016) 


  1. Prelude conference on Trends in Centre State Relations.  The theme paper presented by Prof. Dolly Arora, IIPA, New Delhi. (1 Oct. 2014)
  2. Good Governance in India by Prof. Mamta Mokta, Deptt. of Public Administration, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. (2 Sept. 2014)


  1. Prelude conference on Administration of Urban Development and Urban Service Delivery.  The theme paper presented by Dr. Ramanjit Kaur Johal, Chairperson, Deptt. of Public Admn. Panjab University. (25 Sept. 2012)
  2. The Crisis of Current Global Economic Model: The Gandhian Alternative by Dr. B.P. Mathur, Former Dy. CA&G and Director, NIFM. (1 Nov. 2012)


  1. Prelude Conference on “Role of Panchayat Bodies in Rural Development since 1959”. (12 October, 2011)
  2. Lecture on “Foreign Policy of India: Goals and Challenges” by Shri I.S. Chadha, IFS (Retd.) (6 March, 2012)






Shri B.S.Ojha

Prof. B.S.Ghuman
Phone: 0172-2534734

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IIPA Punjab & Chandigarh (UT) Regional Branch
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