Dr. Ashok Vishandass

Dr. Ashok Vishandass, Professor

Dr. Ashok Vishandass

Ashok Vishandass, Professor (Applied Economics) (IIPA) has interest in Sustainable Agriculture, Risk Management, International Trade & Commerce. As ex-Chairman (CACP) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare at the level of the Secretary to the Govt. of India, he has rich experience of formulation of Agriculture Price and Non-Price Policies, nuances of fixing MSP of various agriculture commodities. Before joining IIPA, he had also served FAO of United Nations Organisation (UNO) as the Chief Technical Adviser. In his stint with the UNO, he provided high-level technical and economic advice relating to Food Security, SDGs, agricultural Marketing and brought out eight Reports.

Prof. Ashok holds Ph.D. (Agri. Economics),  M.A. (Economics) (University of Manchester), M.B.A. (Financial Management), PG Diploma in Population  and Development (JNU), M. Stat. (Master of Statistics) (Gold Medalist).



  1. Delivered ten Lectures to 46th APPPA on ‘Sustainable Agriculture and Risk Management’.
  2. To deliver ten Lectures to 46th APPPA on ‘International Trade and Commerce’ in December, 2020.
  3. Delivered eight Lectures to 45th APPPA on ‘Sustainable Agriculture and Risk Management’.
  4. Training Programme for newly recruited officers of Lok Sabha Secretariat on Data Analysis and Research Methodology.
  5. Advance Leadership and Management Programme for Senior Officers of National Fertilisers Ltd.      
  6. One Day Workshop for Senior Officers of the Department of Fertilisers, Govt. of India
  7. Delivered two Lectures in ‘Innovations in Smart Management: Insights from Agriculture Sector’         
  8. As Programme Director of 44th APPPA, organised and imparted training to serving Civilian and Military officers that led to award of M.Phil. to them.

Ongoing Research

  1. Evaluation of the New Scheme of Petrochemicals on Setting Up of Plastic Parks (Dec 2020)
  2. Scheme for Setting Up of Centres Of Excellence (COEs) (Dec 2020)
  3. Evaluation of Training Institute in India (Nov 2020)

Completed Research 

  1. 'Transparency Audit' of Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla (IIAS) (Aug 2020)


  1. Ashok Vishandass and B. Lukka (2013), ‘Pricing, Costs, Returns and Productivity in Indian Crop Sector during 2000s’, Discussion Paper No.7, CACP, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi.
  2. Ashok Vishandass and Ashok Gulati (2012),  ‘Oil Palm: Pricing for Growth, Efficiency & Equity : Towards a Rational Pricing Policy for Fresh Fruit Bunches and Potential Solution for India’s Burgeoning Edible Oil Imports’, CACP, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi.
  3. Ashok Gulati and Ashok Vishandass (2012), ‘Trade and Food Security - A Case Study of Edible Oils in India’ in Asia Pacific Policy Forum on Regional Trade Agreements and Food Security, FAO, the United Nations.
  4. Ashok Vishandass (2009), ‘International Trade and Competitiveness of Indian Agricultural Commodities’, in “The Indian Economy Since 1991: Economic Reforms and Performance”, B.A. Prakash (ed.), Pearson Education, New Delhi.
  5. Ashok Vishandass (2006), ‘Inefficiency in Cultivation of Maize in the State of Uttar Pradesh-An Econometrics Analysis’ (Ph.D. thesis).
  6. Ashok Vishandass (1999) “Is Agriculture Sector Developing in India?”  was included in NIRD (National Institute of Rural Development),  Foundation Day Seminar  on “Rural Prosperity and Agriculture”.
  7. Ashok Vishandass (1998), “Use of Information System in the Ministry of Rural Development” (University of Manchester).


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