Dr Vikas Singh

Dr Vikas Singh, Adjunct Faculty

Dr Vikas Singh

Prof. Vikas Singh is a distinguished economist, renowned consultant, and tenacious researcher. As an accomplished author and mentor, he has left an indelible mark on the fields of academia, consulting, and research.

He has been at the forefront of shaping minds and inspiring leaders. His consulting engagements encompasses advising both large business houses and governments. His approach is characterized by insightful perspectives, that empower leaders to navigate challenges in growth, governance, and leadership.

Dr. Singh's advocacy for inclusive growth is evident in his impactful work in financial inclusion space. It has created sustainable livelihood opportunities and positively affected millions of lives in India. He is recognized for influencing policy narratives through his engaging talks and writings on various policymaking forums. His articulate insights and research-based perspectives make him a valuable contributor to dialogues on critical issues shaping the economy.

His thought leadership is reflected in over 250 research-based columns published in prominent publications, including Business World, Dainik Jagran, Hindustan Times. He is translated in several other languages as well.

Prof. Singh is a sought-after expert for discussions on both economic and policy issues. Whether participating in televised debates, contributing to leading publications or speaking at different platforms, Prof. Singh consistently brings a wealth of knowledge to the public discourse.

Vikas has crafted an impressive portfolio of case studies in the realms of governance, leadership, ethics, and strategy. His work transcends boundaries, resonating across diverse institutions where these cases contribute significantly to the collective understanding of complex organizational dynamics, and serve as invaluable tools for honing the skills of future leaders. Prof Singh is a member, and chairs, selection committee of Various organisations, and Institutions.

His talk on the TED platform has been widely appreciated. Currently, he is channelling his expertise into writing a book on 'leadership behaviour,' further contributing to the intellectual discourse on effective leadership.



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