About Consumer Education

Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)

In view of the emerging global markets and concerns for good governance coupled with rising expectations of the people for better services, quality goods, availability of choice and value for money, there is universal emphasis for protection and promotion of Consumers' rights and interests. It is well recognized, world over, that protection of Consumers' rights and interests not only promotes the interests of business but also of the state as well. To give boost to the efforts of the Government in the area of consumer protection and consumer welfare the need of a dedicated "Centre of Excellence" for the cause of Consumers. The Centre has emerged as a "Centre for Excellence" through its various activities. This is the only Centre of its kind in the country dedicated exclusively for protection and promotion of consumers' right to education.' rights and interests' protection and promotion was felt at the Government level.

Role of CCS in promoting Good Governance through Capacity Building

Good governance implies better services, and quick redressal of consumer grievances. With this objective the Centre for Consumer Studies (CCS) has been:

  • Enhancing the capacity of various stakeholders involved in consumer protection. Through capacity building of the Presidents & Members of District Consumer Forums, Government functionaries, NGOs, Educational Institutions and frontline staff of the helplines both Central & State Govts. The Centre helps reduce the performance gaps.
  • Empowering the consumers about their rights and responsibilities through education and awareness programmes so as to help them take a rational decision and be safe in the market. Our focus has been to empower the rural consumers through PRIs and anganwadhi workers, etc.
  • Interacting with industry, traders and service providers to enhance the quality and services of products and services.
  • Our capacity building programmes have been received well. Read more....